New England Wine & Spirits carries an extensive selection of the finest spirits, liquors and cordials from around the world, and our selection is the finest north of Boston! We pride ourselves on stocking our shelves with the finest of whiskeys and elite bourbons and now we will come to you. Click here for online ordering and delivery. Stop in and talk to our resident expert Paul Souza for a private consultation and to sample some of the finest spirits available. Bottles are always open for tasting. The New England Wine & Spirits Whiskey Club tasted samples from barrels of the renowned Buffalo Trace and chose a particular barrel to sport a label from NEWS. A new barrel of hand-selected whiskey will be in soon and ready for tasting and bring home and enjoy!

The following is a sample of items we stock. Stop in and enjoy our fine selection.

McCarthy’s Single-Malt
The malted barley is imported from Scotland, but this gently smoky whiskey is made by Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon.
Macalun Fine Oak Scotch
The Rolls Royce of single malts illustrates the elegance and grace for which it is known. By aging their whiskey in Spanish American and French Oak barrels they obtain this unique flavor.
Old Porter Rye
One of the classic rye whiskeys produced by the great master distiller at Anchor Steam. Flavors of dried fruit and spice make a great base whiskey for all manner of cocktails.
A very interesting liquor from the orient composed of sake, vodka, citrus and a touch of ginger.
Ron Barcello Rums
Outstanding rum from the Dominican Republic boasting exceptional quality at affordable prices. Three different age statements are produced to accommodate the discerning rum palates. We carry the silver, anejo, and gran anejo.
El Jimador Tequila
100% blue agave reposado! No other tequila we know of can make such a statement at this price!
Junipero Gin
A Genever style gin, very smooth with all the great botanical flavors that true martini lovers crave.